Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hat's Off To Men With Style! The Return Of Sinatra's Classic Hat, The Fedora

It may not be entirely accurate to say that clothes make the man, but any Sinatra fan knows that they can showcase
the man in a pretty elegant wrapper. And any good wrap job, of course, needs a good bow on top-which is to say, the right hat.
For Sinatra, particularly late in his life, that hat was occasionally a baseball cap. But that's not the topper we associate with him, the lid that became one of his trademarks as it adorned all those classic album covers. The classic Sinatra hat is the fedora. And in many ways, the fedora-the hat that Sinatra made as personal and stylish a signature as authoritative but conversational singing and an immaculate pocket square-is back.

The Tide Is High In Xanaland And The Seamstress Is In!

It will not surprise anyone who has known me for a while, that anything involving Blondie, red lipstick and Helmut Newton would be the first thing I would blog about!

There is so much amazing style today, and such great quality, and endless choices... learn with us as we try to achieve and maintain that Xanaland medium gorgeous appearance all while supporting all our favorite artist, writers, and musicians, not to mention seamstresses! 
We are very close to launching some of our own ideas to clothe some local musicians with a little help from some local schools, so stay informed and check back for that and other community involved projects. 

One of our ideas is re creating some classic rock star and celebrity outfits, like this epic little number from the Blondie The Tide Is High album.. of course using local artist in the re-creation, so please contact Xanaland to get involved! 

The tide is always high In Xanaland, so get with the latest styles, participate, share, create, recycle clothing if possible, and never forget the good tunes to go with!