Monday, June 24, 2013

Original Grungers Pippi Longstocking and Demri Parrot: Denim Overalls...check!

Well, lets face it, most Seattle grunge kids are poor, and in the 80's and 90's even if they were not, some even slummed with poor kids to get away from their parents! I can think of at least a few that adopted a poor kid appearance even though they were rich kids from Mercer Island ( you know who you are ) , and then of course there was Demri, the ultimate female Peter Pan/ Pippi, she clearly grew up in the 70's and had fun dressing like all the characters she read about in books.

Here's Demri and I in the summer of 1989. 

Photo by Jack Plasky 

Needless to say we were both heavily influenced by our childhood hero's and the characters we read about in books. 

  I remember we once wore matching bikinis to Folk Life and got our faces painted with stars. It's funny how you emulate what you see, what influences you, stuff you didn't even realize you liked, for instance I lately have this thing for old sweaters and monkeys! 

It is a mystery I tell you

Also, I never realized that I had a thing for super woman, we lived in a rural so we didn't get to watch a lot of TV 70's so I really have no idea how I grew to love Super Woman so much! 

 ...but here we are at home, lounging around in red white and blue for no reason, grunge/ superwoman style! 

Then there's the combat boot. The Grunge Rule Book says you must own at least one pair, preferably Doc Martins, which can be worn with anything! 

Demri and Layne 

So you see, there is much that can be gained in life by paying attention to the details in the wardrobe of your favorite TV heros.. including having original style, it's all in the presentation and in letting the positive influences in your life flow into your own wardrobe! 

For Demri, a child like original who like Pipi, influenced many a grunger! 

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