Friday, July 19, 2013

New Van's Tennis Shoes: Day Glow is Back! Again!

Van's tennis shoes have come a long way! 
And seriously, how many times are they going to bring day glow back, you know your kinda old when you have walked into Target and discovered day glow was back in not once but twice! 
If I was going to wear it again or encourage my kids to it would be a classic item like Van's though for sure! 

Buy the pink ones right here on Xanaland! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Shoes to Die For: Are Women Still Killing Their Feet in High Heels? Yes!

“Oh my God. My feet are killing me!” This oft repeated phrase is more or less the tag-line for a night out, it’s almost guaranteed that by around about midnight someone will realize they may have overestimated their stiletto tolerance. It’s something of a stereotype: the barefoot girl walking home heels in hand, defeated by her footwear. So why do so many of us continue to suffer through the platform agony? More and more women seem to be asking themselves this question: heels are expensive, painful and often difficult to walk in – far from the most practical footwear solution. Are we finally moving away from the long reign of the skyscraper heel?

Vertiginous footwear has had more than its fair share of cultural attention over the years; the humble heel sparking philosophical, moral and feminist debates, immensely contrasting to the deceptively simple lure of the shoe as a beautiful object. Scholars, shoppers and designers clamouring to explain the seemingly irrevocable lure of the heel have whipped up a storm of attention for the heel. Talk to a feminist, and you are likely to hear one thing ‘high heels objectify women: making them weak and vulnerable.’ While this might seem a little extreme, the point does stand. How often have you seen a girl being supported by her friends as her shoe choice tips from uncomfortable to unbearable? There is a stigma of weakness that can come with heels: girls tottering, bambi-like through the streets hardly suggests empowerment and independence… And this doesn’t seem like something the students of today, girls who are spending their days building their future through hard work, would desire anymore.