Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shopping in Seattle: West Seattle's Sneakery Boasts the Best Sock Selection in the City!

I say this with enthusiasm because like most people in Seattle I not only appreciate but need good quality socks for the often rainy weather here. I found this store while walking around the neighborhood and have tried to visit them to upgrade my sock collection which at the time was dwindling. My problems were solved and I'm now the proud owner of 12 pairs of socks without holes in them that are not only warm and comfortable but beautiful! 

I truly feel like my feet died and went to heaven in my new fabulous socks! The selection is so wonderful, I have began to buy socks for all my friends here. Talk about rock star attire, I just know Anthony Kiedes from The Red Hot Chili Peppers would love these iron on NBA socks, Pearl Jams Jeff Ament probably already has a pair since local resident Eddie Vedder is often seen shopping here and around the West Seattle neighborhood 

I love that they have kids socks as well. There's nothing more depressing to me than washing laundry with soiled white tube socks and having to use tons of bleach to get them clean, I'll never understand why socks would be white at all unless it goes with ones outfit, I think everyone needs some color in their wardrobe so why not start with socks!? 

I recently bought my friend Johndus Beckman of the band The Mothership some Chrome Tennis shoes at The Sneakery for Christmas, he loves them and said they were really comfortable, tthey must be-he's been wearing them ever since! 

Here's Johndus performing last night at Slim's Last Chance, wearing his new Chrome's from The Sneakery to maintain that almost famous status and medium gorgeous appearance! 

Stop by The Sneakery next time your in West Seattle~don't forget to tell them the monkey sent you! 

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