Thursday, February 9, 2017

Behold the Tie Dye Wedding Dress!

I'll admit it. I've never been a big fan of tie dye. I just saw way too much of it in the 70's. Yes I'm that old I'm not a 20 something blogger who's doing this because I think I can get rich writing about clothes. I do however plan to make some of the stuff I have seen. Some of this is stuff you could buy at a thrift store and dye. 

I like the idea of adding beadwork too. Or maybe embroidery. 

There are also some spray on fabric paints now that are great for something your not going to wear every day, I use those a lot for furniture or other art projects. 

Snow Tulip makes some really affordable ones and they have all kinds of fun day-glo colors. 

Once you find or make the perfect dress, it would be a shame to do a tie dye and have it not come out the way you imagined. I used to tie dye vintage slips. There is BIG money in that! My friend started selling them at the Rosebowl Flea Market and she made about $500.00 a day on summer weekends. 

This may actually be hand painted to get the tie dye effect. The other fabric paint I like to use is Jacquard powdered pigments because the colors are amazing! 

Not really my style but definitely original. More of just a moo moo for around the house actually haha! 

Someone saw Little Mermaid a bunch of times....

What I like about this lavender is your cake and flowers would be a no brainer. Lots of lavender flowers, lavender cake. And a lavender tie for the groom and if it was me my chihuahua would have on a lavender matching dress. 

And if your lucky, you'll find a killer original ring to go with it! Cheer's and happy wedding planning! 

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